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Captivating consumers with experience

Approximately 70% of cannabis in the US on the legal market is inaccurately labeled. There are not enough cannabis labs currently, and not enough good ones. Great labs have the right people, the right processes, and the right equipment – not all labs have this, making them underqualified to do the testing that the cannabis industry requires. PureVita Labs is here to change this.

Meanwhile, the evolving cannabis consumer is demanding better quality and more consistency. This can only be achieved with a state-of-the-art laboratory partner. The two most important questions for the cannabis consumer should be:

  • Is it tested?
  • Is it tested accurately?



Where consumers see the PureVita Labs ‘seal of approval’ on marijuana and hemp products, they can be sure that the answer to these two questions is – YES. Instead of focusing on the safety and quality of a product, we can help consumers focus on the experience and the results.

We do this by enhancing cultivator and consumer knowledge in three key areas:

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