Consumers are demanding more

With the marijuana and hemp industries still in their relative infancy, the experience of using these products is often inconsistent. Due to the low standards in testing and limited governance in the industry, the potency, effects and potential contaminants in marijuana and hemp are often inaccurately labeled and remain somewhat unknown. Consumers deserve better.

In response to consumer demand for more refined and consistent cannabis product and experiences, PureVita Labs is setting a new standard in testing. We work with cultivators and dispensaries who truly care about the quality of their products and who understand the value of reliable and accurate information in the eyes of the modern consumer. PureVita Labs is working to evolve the industry for the better.

Cultivators can't do it alone

Cultivators and dispensaries are being challenged to keep up with evolving testing standards and consumers who are demanding more consistent products. This is a complicated arena to navigate while also having to compete for market share. Product can yield inconsistent potencies and fail safety tests with little feedback on what the root cause might be. Led by doctors and scientists, PureVita Labs is here to help cultivators understand how to improve product quality, consistency and meet safety standards to ensure consumers come back for more.

By creating the PureVita Labs ‘seal of approval’ we are helping to empower more informed decisions and identify the cannabis experience that will make consumer lives and ‘moments’ better.

Building trust within the cannabis community through...


We test with precision and accuracy, setting a higher standard for quality


We value innovation, expertise, and creativity


We advocate for truth in ingredients, data purity, and transparency


We feel good when we help the world feel good, one person and one experience at a time


We believe that knowledge is power, giving you the tools to personalize your cannabis experience

About us

PureVita Labs was born out of frustration. Two Medical Doctors, both caring for patients with debilitating, sometimes incurable, diseases had been asked about the use of medical cannabis by countless patients. They reviewed the literature, and scoured for evidence, but never found anything that could answer their patients’ questions: what can help me with my disease?

They set out to understand exactly what might be helpful, detrimental, therapeutic, and dangerous, to their patients and along the way they met a chemist, who had spent his career specializing in the analytic chemistry of cannabis. Together they formed a brain-trust and set upon their journey – to discover, and present to the world, all that can be known about cannabis and its physiologic, psychologic, and curative qualities.

Leadership team

Led by doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, we set out on a mission to fix the challenges of today and change cannabis testing forever.

Jason Iannuccilli, MD

Dr. Jason Iannuccilli was an early entrant into the accelerated medical program at Brown University, and the single candidate chosen for a prestigious surgical fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles. His accomplishments are innumerable, but he considers his greatest contributions to life in clinical research and academic pursuit. His personal interest in Cannabis Analytics developed from treating end-stage cancer patients in his clinic.

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Jonathan Martin, MD

Dr. Jonathan Martin was one of the youngest Rhode Islanders to be admitted to Mensa at the age of 12. He studied molecular biology and genetics at the University of Rhode Island, where he worked almost exclusively on plant transgenics and genetically engineered tissue culture techniques. He studied medicine at Penn State and Boston University before entering private practice and developing the state’s largest Urgent Care and Primary Care network. He made his entrepreneurial bones in medical practice acquisitions and healthcare equity firm transactions. His personal interest in Cannabis Analytics stems from a frustration of data paucity relating to the treatment of chronic diseases with endocannabinoid modulators.

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Stuart Procter, PhD

Dr. Procter was born and raised in England before moving to the USA in 2007 where he has lived ever since. With a BSc honors degree from Sheffield Hallam University in Applied Chemistry and a Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham, Dr Procter brings 30 years of analytical chemistry to the industry. Before PureVita Labs, he spent many years working within the cannabis industry where he helped with the designing, building, and implementation Cannabis Testing Laboratories.

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Andrew Austin, MBA

One of the only “non-science” members of the PureVita Labs team, Andrew comes from the business world where he has held a variety of leadership positions, from non-profits such as the Special Olympics, to Fortune 13 companies such as The Home Depot, headquartered in Atlanta. A decade at Reebok’s world headquarters was spent implementing long term business plans in all its international markets, taking him from Dubai to New Delhi, Moscow to Melbourne, and beyond. An entrepreneur at heart, with a passion for building businesses, he’s also navigated the rapids of early startup companies from the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer seat.

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We're here to help

State regulatory testing

We perform all the necessary tests required for cultivators to meet regulatory standards – potency, water activity, microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents. Our objective is to provide accurate and fast results, and information to help cultivators improve their harvest and test results. Ultimately, we are looking to enable consumer safety and empower the end-user with accurate information.
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Non-regulatory and onsite testing

In today’s competitive environment cultivators need to differentiate themselves as well as protect the health of their harvest – our services can help you achieve this. We offer on-site testing for potency, water activity and a heterogeneity analysis which can be valuable throughout the grow cycle to ensure the health of the crop. We can also provide full terpene and cannabinoid profiles (genetic testing coming soon) through additional testing in our lab to help inform cultivators about their crop before it’s harvested.
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R&D, Product Development, and Consulting (beta)

Our objective is to inform cultivators and help them improve their product quality and consistency. Our staff is comprised of biologist and chemists with over 100 years of combined experience. We’re not looking to simply hand over a test result with a stamp on it – we’re looking to partner with you long term to help grow your business. If you're failing tests, we want to help inform and improve. If you’re forward thinking, we want to help develop and optimize your product to provide consistency and quality to the end consumer.
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