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PureVita Labs was born out of frustration. Two Medical Doctors, both caring for patients with debilitating, sometimes incurable diseases, had been asked about the use of medical cannabis by countless patients. They reviewed the literature, and scoured for evidence, but never found anything that could answer their patients’ questions: what can help me with my disease.

Realizing there was enough evidence to support the theory that the endocannabinoid system was somehow involved in many of the disease states they were treating, and having a breadth of knowledge in Molecular Biology and Clinical Research, they set out to understand exactly what might be helpful, detrimental, therapeutic, and dangerous, to their patients. Along the way, they met a chemist, who had spent his career specializing in the analytic chemistry of cannabis. Together they formed a brain-trust and set upon their journey – to discover, and present to the world, all that can be known about cannabis and its physiologic, psychologic, and curative qualities.

The scientific method

Employing the scientific method, these scientists set out to provide the most accurate and precise measure of cannabis quality in the world. Helping growers and industry leaders develop products that are consistent, reproducible, and useful, they have positioned themselves in the forefront of the new cannabis frontier.

Having developed cutting-edge techniques and protocols with the leading minds of the cannabis industry, the scientists set out to provide two key deliverables to the industry:

  • The most precise, accurate and safest measure of cannabis quality available.
  • The most robust and deployable data set on cannabis available to scientists.


These two core tenets have led PureVita Labs to distinguish itself in quality, reliability, and analytic curiosity, across the cannabis industry.

Our Team: Lead by doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs

Jason Iannuccilli, MD

Jason Iannuccilli, MD

Dr. Jason Iannuccilli took an interest in medicine at a young age. At Brown Medical School he studied minimally-invasive, image-guided surgical treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions. After completing a 4-year residency program in diagnostic imaging at Rhode Island Hospital he did additional post-graduate training at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine Ronald Reagan Medical Center in LA, a major liver transplant center, with a focus in Interventional Oncology. He then returned to RI to begin his career in Vascular Interventional Radiology at Rhode Island Hospital.

After only 3 years of clinical practice, Dr. Iannuccilli became the youngest named Division Chief of Interventional Radiology and an Assistant Professor at Brown Medical School. During his time as Division Chief, Dr. Iannuccilli worked with leadership to improve workflow efficiency, expand operations, and increase revenue.

Dr. Iannuccilli also served as President of the Rhode Island Radiological Society and took on initiatives that received national recognition. He remains politically involved with the RI Radiology Society now as a Counselor, representing RI in the General Assembly at national ACR meetings in Washington, D.C. annually.

As a physician Founder of Purevita Labs, Dr. Iannuccilli brings a strong science background and extensive experience in clinical research. He has served as principal investigator in several clinical trials in his career which have been published in widely read medical journals. Through his research, he has developed deep expertise in refined data aggregation and analytics, which are critical elements of Purevita’s clinical mission.

When not busy pioneering medicine, Jason spends time with his wife and three beautiful children.

Jonathan Martin, MD

Jonathan Martin, MD

Dr. Jonathan Martin began his endeavors in entrepreneurship in 1999 when he worked as a medical assistant at a busy primary care office in Rhode Island – he spent the next three summers learning from the successful entrepreneur-physician.

Dr. Martin earned his B.S. in Biology from the University of Rhode Island and his Doctor of Medicine from Penn State where he was the president of his class. During his training, he became the youngest Urgent Care Medical Director in Rhode Island’s history.

During his Medical Directorship of The East Side Urgent Care in Providence, he oversaw the 4x growth of the urgent care and was able to build a successful Primary Care office in the same building in which he became a partner, grew, and then sold for 6x EBITDA.

In 2013 Dr. Martin joined a small group of physicians and formed Ocean State HealthCare serving both urgent and primary care patients. Over the next four years, Dr. Martin served as the Business Development officer in charge of acquiring six existing practices and opening four de-novo offices. During his time here he had direct P&L responsibility over some of these practices and managed 4x revenue growth. In 2016 he helped consolidate these practices with another 12 and created a $22M company that was valued at $45M a year later.

When not busy building medical practices, Jonathan spends time with his wife and three beautiful children.

Stuart Procter, PhD

Stuart Procter, PhD

Dr. Stuart Procter received his bachelor’s degree in analytical chemistry from Sheffield Hallam University in England. Shortly afterward, he extensively studied analytical sequence selective oligonucleotide separations as the primary focus of his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Nottingham.

Upon completing his Ph.D. Dr. Procter moved directly into the industry sector where he spent five years as an Ion Chromatography Sales Specialist with Metrohm UK which ultimately led to an opportunity in Metrohm’s US territory where he took a leadership position responsible for growing its US Ion Chromatography Division. Here he ushered the Metrohm into several new markets and was asked to direct a team of analytical chemists to identify new market opportunities. Under Dr Procter’s leadership the team developed breakthrough technology that was later adapted by the US nuclear power industry leading to significant US and international market share growth.

After 15 years of work for Metrohm, Dr Procter exited the nuclear energy sector and began working at Shimadzu Corporation, the leading provider of analytical chemistry instrumentation in the hemp and cannabis markets internationally. During his time with Shimadzu Dr Procter has been instrumental in the startup of many cannabis testing facilities and immediately recognized immense opportunity in the cannabis testing sector.

When Stuart is not busy serving as Purvita’s Laboratory Director he spends time with his wife and cheering on the ever-struggling Arsenal Football Club.

Andrew Austin, M.B.A.

Andrew Austin, M.B.A.

An entrepreneur at heart from a young age, Andrew started his career in the non-profit, working for the Special Olympics managing events and programing before his curiosity in business lead him to earning his M.B.A. from Babson College, ranked #1 in entrepreneurship for over 25 years. From here he was recruited into The Home Depot’s selective Management Training program in its Atlanta headquarters Operations Division.

He returned to the northeast and worked for the next decade at Reebok’s world headquarters leading its Business Operations team and then its International Business Planning team. Here he was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively helping to craft long term business plans across product, marketing, distribution, finance and HR in key markets such as India, Dubai, Japan, Russia, S. Korea, Europe, Mexico, Australia and others.

In 2016 Andrew started his own company with two others and quickly grew to a 12-person company and $1.5M in its first year post beta. From there Andrew began consulting small companies in their effort to build, grow and transform businesses when he was introduced to the co-founders of Purevita Labs. He has been helping the team launch and build the business ever since and now serves as Purevita’s Chief Operating Officer.

When Andrew’s not busy chasing Stuart around the lab, he spends time with his wife, three children, two dogs and eight chickens.

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